Nos Méthodes de travail

La Dynamisation...

In order to have biodynamic certification it is necessary to apply to the Demeter Assosciation (for all types of agriculture) or the Biodyvin Association (for winegrowing).

Biodynamic agriculture ensures the health of both soil and plants. It focuses on the notion that each individual farm be considered as an independent reality : each domain as an individual, coherent and alive.
The application of different dynamised* preparations at optimal moments enables the different grape varieties to express themselves fully in the living soil.
This enables the vine to find an equilibrium between the cosmic and terrestrial forces.
We use biodynamic preparations even if we permit ourselves the occasional use of synthetic phytosanitary products.

Note that we hate
neither organic certification,
nor biodynamic certification.
*Dynamisation : the process of transferring the energy and active ingredients of a preparation (compost, silica ... ) to water.